Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine!

Okay, perhaps it's not the end of the world. It is, however, the beginning of some heavy duty stress. With my beloved baby girl, Moira, reaching 9 months of age - I now have another one on the way. We're super happy about that, by the way. I have yet to figure out how to factor in another child. Moira is quite the handful and takes up the majority of my day. Add in the "sleeping sickness" (as my mom calls it) of the first trimester fatigue and I am one tired camper. Still, we're so happy to be blessed so extravagantly by God. 

 I am trying to walk a little more each day, stretch a bit more each day and eat good things. For those of you who don't know me, I have some food allergies. Okay, a lot of food allergies. Pregnancy requires a restrictive diet, too. I'm also still nursing my daughter and have to avoid certain things for her until I stop nursing. All of that equals a very difficult time trying to figure out how and what to eat. 

Current favs include: avocado  tomato and Italian dressing together, popcorn, sweet potatoes and...heaven help me, I could kill for Captain D's. I bought a box of battered cod to bake in the oven thinking it was the same. I gagged on the first bite. This baby SPECIFICALLY requested Captain D's...  I hope this baby likes disappointment... 

On a fun note, we went to the zoo today. For free! Had so much fun. My man and I decided we needed more family outings. We have some great parks nearby. Picnics are great, so we'll definitely be doing that again soon. Even if it's not the zoo - it's still family and being outside. 

Sorry for the randomness and the serious lack of updates for 9 months. As I've said before, Moira is a handful. Not an excuse - just a reason. Have a great week folks!